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DIY Aluminum Siding Tips

Aluminum sidings are light weight and as such are excellent options for the homeowner that want to apply his skills into installing them. Unlike steel that weighs a lot and requires a professional to install it, aluminum siding can be installed by an amateur that took that time to read the installation manual from the manufacturer. Though each manufacturer will have his own instructions it must be pointed out that aluminum installation is quite similar from manufacturer to manufacturer. For the homeowner that is looking for DIY aluminum siding tips here is a guide that we have prepared to help you through the process.

  • Tools: You will need the right kind of tools to cut and place aluminum siding. This does not mean that a household scissors can be used nor a kitchen knife. It is best to see the installation manual to fully understand what the manufacturer has prepared for his DIY aluminum siding tips.
  • Dents:Before you actually start to install the panels ensure that there are no dents on them. Dents can be caused due to improper transportation methods or handling.
  • Aluminum Changes: Aluminum expands and contracts based on the temperature around it. When you are installing aluminum sheets then you should ensure that you have allowance for these types of changes. If you do not then you will have higher maintenance costs and frustration attaches to your aluminum siding.
  • Maintenance: Aluminum is not a maintenance free siding. It requires far more maintenance then wood but far less than stone, bricks and synthetic siding.
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