All You Need To Know About Cleaning Aluminum Sidings

Every now and again aluminum siding requires a little brush up to look as gorgeous as it did the fist day it was installed. The build up of dirt and dust along with the exposure to the elements are the main causes that contribute to aluminum siding becoming chalky and porous, thus facilitating the presence of mildew and a faded look. However there is nothing complicated about cleaning aluminum sidings and homeowners will find that the even water can get the job done.

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The fist attempt in cleaning aluminum siding would be to apply low pressure water to see if it removes the stains and dirt that has logged themselves on the siding. If the low pressure water does not work then a higher pressure can be used, but it will be necessary to take great care because aluminum is easy to dent.

If there is a lot of mildew on the siding then the best solution for cleaning aluminum siding would be to apply bleach to the area that has the mildew. This should be done with the right protection and preparation because bleach is a corrosive substance. Safety items such as gloves, boots, long sleeve shirts and pants along with safety goggles should be worn.

You may also apply a non-abrasive brush to the dirty area and try scrubbing with a biodegradable detergent or trisodium phosphate. Care should always be taken when dealing with aluminum siding because they are quite easy to dent and if a lot of force is applied the paint that is used to cover them can be scratched away.