What Do You Need To Know About Installing Aluminum Siding

As long as you have the right tools and a little patience then you will find that there is no great difficulty in installing aluminum siding. Once you have the instruction manual in hands and fully understand all that has been done then you are pretty much on your way of doing-it-yourself. As a guide we have prepared a few tips to help you are installing aluminum siding.

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Tools: Tiny cuts and major cuts will demand different tools. For major cuts you will have to use a circular saw with a fine-tooth blade, whereas with tiny cuts you will can use a utility knife and apply a bit of force until the area you are cutting snaps. The corner posts can be removed with the help of a hacksaw and if you need to bend the aluminum then you may want to rent a brake from your local home improvement center.

Nails: It is best to use aluminum nails instead of normal nails when you are dealing with aluminum siding. Check the installation manual for any specification in nail sizes that the manufacturer may have included.

Vertical and Horizontal Siding: Both Horizontal and Vertical siding will begin with the trim and then after that the corner posts. For the vertical panels you will need to measure to find the midpoint and you will use this as a reference. Find the starter panel and center it and you may be required to nail every 1/8 inch for all the nailing slots. Each panel will be inserted into a J panel and this will change when you get to the corner post. At the corner posts you will need to insert a U panel.