The ABCs of Repairing Aluminum Siding

Oxidation is one of the many things that may occur on your aluminum siding that will cause you to repair it. You will know that there is oxidation on the panel if after passing your hands you feel a powdery residue on them. If this is the case , then use a fine grit sand paper to sand it away and after that use a power wash or a scrub and cleaner. You will then be able to use oil-based paint to cover up the area. Other common cases that may appear that you will need to know about repairing aluminum sidings are:

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Dents: These are quite common with aluminum sidings but they can easily be fixed if the dent is not very bad. If you find that it is a very large dent then you can start by repairing the aluminum siding by drilling a few holes in it. After this insert a cord with a screw on the end and then pull until the dent pops up. If works then you apply two coats of paint to make your aluminum siding really.

Replacing damaged panels: Panels that have holes and are torn should not be welded, these will have to be replaced. When you are buying panels always ensure that you buy a little more than what you have previously estimated. This is because patterns change from time to time and the company that you bought it from may not be in business anymore.