Aluminum Siding Tips

The flexibility and popularity that accompanies aluminum does not dispense the aluminum siding tips that every homeowner should know. When dealing with type of siding it is important to use only the materials that were intended for it. This simply means that materials that were made for fiber cement siding, brick,wood, etc, cannot be used on aluminum because of the different properties to consider. In some instances as well, special tools will have to be used to cut aluminum panels if one desires precision and quality in results.

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Other aluminum siding tips that every homeowner should consider are:

Look out for dented panels that have been sent from the manufacturer with defects. You are not entitled to install these on your house, so ensure that you take the necessary steps to make a formal complaint and have them returned.

Always make allowances for the changes that will occur within the aluminum due to varied temperature levels. Consult the installation manual if you are in doubt, but never nail or screw down the panels without this allowance.

Only use oil-based paint on the panels- anything else will be a waste of time and resources.

Always check for signs of oxidation and possible corrosion that can be present . The sooner you detect these, the quicker and less costly it will be to come up with a solution.

Dents can be fixed, but if you find that throwing out an entire panel will give your house a better look then do so and resist the temptation to mend and patch as you go along.