The Importance Comparisons With Sidings

Before settling for aluminum siding it is important that a few comparisons are made to seal one's conviction that it is the perfect choice for any home. The comparisons can be made based on costs, durability, installation requirements, maintenance,etc. The homeowner is the one that will decide the basis on which he is making his comparisons. A general comparison between aluminum and other siding materials is as follows:

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  • Cost: When compared to stone siting and brick siding aluminum siding is considerably cheaper. This stems from the fact that aluminum comes in panels as opposed to separate individual pieces as with bricks and stones.
  • Maintenance: Aluminum requires far less maintenance than wood but a bit more than stone and brick siding. It is also a lot easier to repair then wood and requires far less technical knowledge than repairing damages to bricks and stones. This is because the mortar that is required to hold the stones and bricks in place has to be mixed in the right proportions. The most common signs that will indicate need of maintenance on an a aluminum siding are:dents, oxidation, fading color.
  • Durability: Aluminum contacts and expands, but is allowance is made for these changes then there will not be much of a problem in the future. Unlike wood, it cannot rot nor be attacked by termites.
  • Weight: Aluminum is much lighter than wood, stone and bricks and this is part of the reason why it can easily be installed by the homeowner.

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