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Aluminum Siding Manufacturers

Some of the most prominent aluminum siding manufacturers in the USA are : Alcoa Building Products, Alsco Metals, Norandex-Reynolds e Gentekinc.

Getekinc is located in Ohio and serves a wide range of customers. From government to homeowner this manufacturer offers great options in vinyl, aluminum , etc. The company has more then 40 years of service in manufacturing aluminum siding. Their website is and their telephone number is 1-800-548-4542.

Alcoa Building Products: Alcoa is renowned worldwide for it continued services in producing aluminum and fabricated aluminum. They have many offices in different parts of the world and for a better look at their services please have a look at or call the office nearest to you.

Alsco Metals: This manufacturer has its corporate office in North Carolina and two facilities in Roxboro, North Carolina and Ashville in Ohio. They produce a wide range of aluminum sidings and for a more detailed perspective of their services please visit: or call the nearest offices in your area.

Norandex-Reynolds: This manufacturer produces a s wide range of external sidings that can be used on homes and even corporate places. Some of their products include aluminum siding, fiber cement, stainless steel siding, steel siding, engineered wood siding, insulated vinyl siding and vinyl siding. They have many dealers in the USA and more information please visit:

This list is just a fraction of the many aluminum siding manufacturers across the country and homeowner are encouraged to check to see which is the nearest to them to serve their needs.